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Paul Wong, MBA, BSME, is the founder of Chinese Energetics & Heart Wisdom Process.

He is a life coach, master healer, and trainer with a private practice serving clients worldwide. Paul hosts a variety of online group sessions to reach further into modern society so more people can benefit from unlocking inner heart wisdom and middle path.

His mission is to bring ancient wisdom back into modern day society and help people evolve their hearts.

He teaches a combination of Middle Path Techniques, Neutrality in Life Challenges, and Heart Healing through his Heart Wisdom Process method. View all online courses.

Contact Chinese Energetics for More Information, Middle Path Certification, and Upcoming Group Sessions.

Work With Paul

Vision for 2022 and future.

Our Goal is to aid groups and reach masses of people through the heart. The more we have, the more we can help change each other one by one, group by group, heart by heart, and transfer this system to help more people evolve on many levels.

If you are wanting an in person group event for Chinese Energetics / Middle Path Teachings / Heart Wisdom Process, you should book 3-6 months in advance to reserve your dates.

If you are a group and looking for someone to speak at your event, design a seminar for what is need in the group, or any other group gatherings, please contact us so we can arrange the best option to fit your needs. Subscribe for more info about upcoming live events, conference calls, and zoom meetings.

My Passion

Chinese Energetics / Heart Wisdom Process

Paul Wong

Paul Wong is the founder of Chinese Energetics, a consciousness shifting program based on working with thousands of people globally. He has spent a great part of his lifetime studying Eastern Healing Arts with a focus on meditation and middle path living. Through his practices, Paul has developed his own methods of heart rejuvenating and subconscious cleansing to share with the world as a means to chronic pain relief, stress and emotional management, and awakening into one’s life purpose.

Heart Wisdom Process

HWP is a self-healing/self-inquiry process based on Eastern holistic principles. It is a methodology of self-inquiry and healing  by letting go of old programming carried in the subconscious/unconscious from our present life, parents/ancestors, society, collective, human history, etc.

Experience the Heart Wisdom Process benefits your own life.  

My Story

Paul’s work is a synthesis of his personal experiences of practicing various energy healing modalities. His chronic asthma led him on a journey of learning Chinese healing arts and spending time in the ashrams of spiritual masters in India.  From working through his personal struggles, he developed a body of work called “Heart Wisdom Process”. 

It is the integration of his life experiences and ancient healing principles — to teach others to process unconscious suffering through the heart — and transforming it into insight and love.

Paul and his wife, Sevinc, teach live classes, teleclasses, and conduct group healing sessions.

Contact Paul for More Information, Middle Path Certification, and Upcoming Group Sessions.

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