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Please View the demonstration videos for Chinese Energetics, Middle Path, and Heart Wisdom Process techniques for pain relief, fears, energy vitality, stress relief, and more.

Relief for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Reduce Any Fear, Phobia, or Insecurity

Applying Middle Path Method for Jealousy Issue – Paul Wong Meditation Library

How to dissolve relationship traumas with the Heart Wisdom Process

Chronic Foot Pain Relief

Numbness & Back Pain is Relieved

Middle Path for Anger & Grief – Paul Wong Chinese Energetics

How to Find Programs in the Subconscious?

Emotional Release Part #1

Emotional Release Part #2

Eliminate Fears to Lose Weight

Scoliosis Back Pain Reduced

Neck Tension Eliminated

Law of Attraction Blockages are Removed

More Videos for Chinese Energetics Demonstrations

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