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  • Art of Nuetrality Foundations 1, the art of neutrality online healing, paul wong courses internal healing, chinese energetics healing

    Art of Neutrality Foundations


    This training module clearly illustrates the specific awareness shifting exercises that will bring you closer to the state of neutrality. Build a strong foundation in neutral living. 


  • heart wisdom rpocess online

    Heart Wisdom Process: Basics


    The course teaches to develop awareness skills to work with subconscious triggers and peel away the layers similar to an onion from surface layers to the deep layers.


  • Art of Nuetrality Foundations 1234

    The Art of Neutrality Inner Zen


    In this class students experience a deep sense of peace and the ability to deal with whatever life throws you from a state of strength and power (neutrality).


  • Top Healing Techniques of Chinese Energetics & Heart Wisdom Process


    This comprehensive yet simple system teaches how to work with your own or clients’ issues and pinpoint root causes caused by sufferings and traumas from ancestors, childhood, collective, and even past lives.


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Chinese Energetics for Your Life

What Is Neutrality?

Neutrality means being without attachments or ‘conditionings’, it does not mean apathy. Through state of neutrality, the body heals itself naturally through the internal and energetic systems.

What is Chinese Energetics?

Chinse Energetics is a consciousness shifting program based on working with thousands of people globally. This process is based on Middle Path, Neutrality, and many more modalities to relive pains, stress, enhance relationships and more in life. Learn more.

How Does One Become Certified in Middle Path Teachings?

We offer Middle Path Certifications. There is a quantum accelerator to do the same (years of meditation and teachings) in a fraction of the time with the Middle Path Method! Middle Path Certification Program | Paul Wong (hwpcourses.com)

What are the benefits of neutrality?

  • Relieve aches & pains fast without medication
  • Clear mental and emotional stress fast
  • Regenerate and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit naturally
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve performance at job, athletics, etc.,
  • Peace of mind, awakening
  • Increase natural intuitive abilities
  • Free up your creativity for better problem solving

Examples of how neutrality can help no matter what field you are in:

  • Holistic practitioners, i.e. naturopathy, massage, Reiki etc. If you are not neutral you cannot connect to your intutive abilities and it can be difficult to determine what the issues are and how to help with it.
  • Doctors and nurses. If you sometimes take on the stresses of your patients and then you don’t have a way to clear it out, it’s not easy to make calm centered decisions.
  • Athletes. If you get emotionally charged when your team is down a few points, you may not be able to access your peak performance.
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Solving Chronic Issues
Weight Loss and Weight Transformation
Healing Intuitive Issues
Trusting Intuition

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