Chinese Energetics Training Programs (2010-2014)

Art of Neutrality (Chinese Energetics): Foundation

Would you like to learn cutting edge energetic technology — different from what you have learned in other energy healing workshops? The missing piece for success in any field of life – and for eliminating pain; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This training video clearly illustrates the specific awareness shifting exercises that will bring you closer to the state of neutrality. When you deepen your experience and understanding of this awareness of being neutral, self-healing occurs naturally and rapidly.

Art of Neutrality (Chinese Energetics): Inner Zen

After learning the basics of Neutrality in the first half, the second half, Inner Zen, takes the experience to a deeper level and teaches neutrality toward both positive and negative attachments. It is surprising to discover the issues buried behind even your positive attachments i.e. favorite food, person, place, etc. Profound releases were experienced which frees up a lot of energy for creative solutions to life’s challenges.

Throughout the rest of the class, students do self-exploration and learn to neutralize deep-rooted attachments to beliefs that are no longer true; attachments to personal values, and to success with regard to relationships, career, and overall life. This allows greater openness to new understandings and perspectives in life.

Two Complete Home Study Course: Foundation & Inner Zen

We are very excited to launch these brand new training video courses at a very special price.

What you will learn:
  • Awareness exercises
  • Categories of energy imbalances
  • How to develop your intuition to find energetic imbalances in people, places and things
  • How to correct energetic imbalances from past, present, future to achieve Inner Zen

Audio Home Study Course

In Tele-Class I: Fundamentals of the Home Study Course, you will learn an EASY STEP-BY-STEP process on how to do the basics for correcting Emotional and Physical Issues. First, you will learn the 5 Categories of Weaknesses and how to apply them to energetic corrections. Next, we will teach you Shortcuts to get even faster results for pain and stress relief. Once you learn this EASY STEP-BY-STEP process, you will be following along through several REAL LIFE examples of how Art of Neutrality works. This will give you a good understanding on how to apply Art of Neutrality for yourself and others.

The next part of the Home Study Course, Case Study I: Private Coaching, you will get a different perspective of the basics and go even further down the rabbit hole with Art of Neutrality.


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